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HI GUYS My little poop  Baekhyun 

I have no follows because I made it about an hour and a half ago, so if you guys could start me off with a little crowd by sharing it to your friends, that would be so amazing

I'll be posting draw dailys (or TRYING to keep it daily) there, WIPS, drawing tips, as well as comics and just general fandom art
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I know it's only three but dont limit me mom
Here's my "describe yourself with fictional characters" challenge!

1. Marceline the Vampire Queen, Adventure Time
Marceline by Parliy
Tall and lanky, chilled but anxious and gets mad easily, I identify a lot with Marcy.
From everything to body type, to instrument (I play a red bass. what a coincidence hah) to even fashion sense, my literally life aspiration is to achieve Marceline

2. Rose Quartz, Steven Universe
Rose And Lion by ShinePawArt

The benevolent (and now passed) mother of the series main character, Rose defies her entire being, species and world to defend a place she knows nothing of because of how beautiful it is.
I don't wanna be totally like "lmao that's me" because I haven't given anything up, but I do so love the earth. I frequent going outside with my friends and I'm often completely awestruck when I see something that everyone else sees but finds nothing in it (ex. leaves man shit). I stare into the sky no matter what time of day and I, like many others, think of morality and why we are worth protecting.

3. Nancy Wheeler, Stranger Things
Nancy wheeler by Magnusmight
Stranger Things has swept the nation and man I'm in love.
Subject to norms and constant protection of self image, Nancy's life is absolutely when her little brothers friend and her best friend go missing. The series main character is actually her little brother in his pursuit to find out what's up with the town, but Nancy is joins while going through her own personal journey.
Leaving her popular boyfriend and beginning to hang around with the sketchy and bullied older brother of the missing little boy, Nancy's social life goes haywire and she risks everything to find her best friend and fix the town. She goes from a teenage girl with teenage dreams, oblivious to the rest of the world, to a baseball bat wielding bad ass ready to drop a bitch with information. I love her and with her constant social and intellectual struggle, alongside her journey into a more adventurous attitude is really identifiable to me right now.

4 Panda, We Bare Bears
Panda by FreckledBastard
While trying to be more adventurous, I kind of naturally associate myself with Panda.
Complete phone addict, cuddle buddy and worry wart, Panda was probably abandoned as a cub due to his many many health defects. He's allergic to everything, a perfectionist, and very very anxious. He's rarely seen without his phone and without someone else, for he's also very bad at socializing and standing up for himself.
I'm also chinese- go figure

5. Suzy Bishop, Moonrise Kingdom
What Kind Of Bird Are You? by pumpkinbear
Maybe more internalized. Suzy is a little girl with a few screws loose but a generally good heart. She's rational and acceptionally wise, but that might just be on account of her "insanity". She's rash and does things without consequence, because she's a kid and doesn't really understand what's bad and/or important (like getting married or dancing naked). She trusts easily and is easy to defend herself when her trust falls short. Kara Hayward nails the role omg
Hey guys!
Sorry I haven't been posting a lot: neither here or my twitter. I'm gonna try and get back on it ASAP
Thank you for 80+ followers by the way! it means a whole lot <3
but in the meantime, I wanted to make a post about artists I really really like but have never really acknowledged. so heeere you go:

HazuraSinner, also known as Joana, is one of my favorite artists on the site as a whole, because just the way she draws not only ponies (her next gen is amaaazing!) but the way she draws humans is just so so great. mmmmMMMMMMMM her art is just such a beauty and gem for the eyes, please please check her out if you haven't because AH God.
everytime she posts I get all giddy
I don't think you guys understand how in love with this drawing specifically I am.

h0mi3 or Kara is an artist who draws ponies (and her own NG), with fun and relatable characters
and GUYS I find her art to be astoooounding <3 Not only her pony art but
that. and that. Also this.
GOD yes so good.

The one and only CJ from CartoonJunkie! Amazing artist, storyteller, and ship captain!
Not only is it because I'm a total nerd for anything Jackaboy and Markimoo, but god CJ's art is just so phenomenal. Really no words can do it justice. Even if you aren't a fan of SeptiPlier, you would absolutely adore her art. It's just absolutely astounding.
I'm literally so beyond words for it. Her humor and her art are just so ahhhhggggg
Pleaaaaase check her out <3 She's really down to earth and so funny and niiiiice (she's liked TWO of my tweets before and I'm proud)

I don't think I've even made any sort of contact with her before, but God do I love her art.
Illustrator for her own Pokemon Nuzlocke series (Nuzlocke: Rea), Reagan is such a good artist. Like omfg  I loooove all of it
I watched her a long time ago for her ponies, and stayed for every last bit of art she has to offer. WATCH

God not enough people know about this little gem over here.
amazing pony artist and human artist alike, Katie is just a good artist that is severely under appreciated.
Most of my original anatomy styles for ponies came from her (aka I totally ripped her off so I'm sorry) and I ALWAYS praise an artist that can use MS Paint ;D

dont wanna ramble. More drawings coming soon I hope!


Joint is an amazing and funny artist who not only draws ponies, but loves the Percy Jackson series, which I can definitely approve of.
whenever she posts (like I said about Hazura), I get all giddy. I just love her Next Gen and to be honest, I didn't even read or see anything PJO related until I started to watch her and now I'm SOOOOOOO hooked! amazing amazing artist.
also yes sometimes I recycle wings im sorry
Kiss by Clarity83
My mom thought my first word was "Bu", as in the particle in Chinese meaning negative (like hao means good and bu hao means not good)
It was just a baby sound. My first word was Dada

The bottom of my left eye is green. My other eye is normal and my eyes are dominantly brown.
My eyes are bigger than a normal chinese person but they still aren't fully opened all the time so my lower lid just covers the green

My favorite color is red

I hate the word meal
I'm find with the word moist

I have to be constantly simulated (is that too big of a word to use?) by sound
If I'm taking a test I just talk in my head and I have something to think about and occupy myself with
But if it's completely silent, I have nervous ticks

I don't have excessive bleeding disorder, but I do have a SLIGHTLY higher pain tolerance than others
This means I scratch myself and bleed all the time and I don't notice until there's blood everywhere
I scare a lot of people this way

I have something called Panic Disorder- it means I'm insanely more prone to panic attacks

Once I ate a whole cantaloupe by myself

My favorite animals are birds. I love birds.

My favorite foods are mostly chinese but I love soups of almost all variety
The first place is probably Shao Mai from this awesome dim sum place in Boston that's probably way older than me

Grocery stores are fun to me. Like Whole Foods is such an adventure

I cry a lot. Not even cause I'm sad, I sometimes cry because I'm startled or happy or scared

I also talk about my mom and my ethnicity a lot. Idk why

My Partner in Pokemon GO! is a pidgeot called Mark
He's named after Markiplier

I'm 5'10 and I hate it

My favorite type of Maki is Philidelphia. Cream cheese in maki is such an exciting advancement and I'm glad we've come this far thansks guys

I have two secret wattpads. I write on one and I write gay fiction on the other
The reading list on the other one is so gay

I'm bicurious and have only like 3 girls who looks exactly the same and I think one was actually non binary?

I've liked the same guy for 5 years and everytime I like someone else they rather get a girlfriend, don't like me back or it's just gross that I like them at all

I once had an abusive best friend
She lasted 8 years

I've never had a boyfriend or girlfriend, yet I've "CHANGED" the sexuality of two girls

I hate Jacob Sartourious. (I honestly don't know how to spell it)

No one is reading this
nothing matters

I wanna be double psych. and music major in college

I'm right handed

I have a dog and she's small and hypoallergenic

Boys are dumb

I have an emotional dependancy on Pokemon GO
I love pokemon more than I love myself

My favorite pokemon is Mightyena, followed by Umbreon and then Nidoqueen

I'm so behind on steven universe

It's 11:09
Why not?

Cirrus Storm's voice is kind of like Joji/George Miller's and Donald Glover's as Marshal Lee in Adventure Time!
Flare Beam sounds somewhat like Ross O'Donovan from Game Grumps and RubberNinja. (I also head canon that Sunburst is Australian)
Bonfire sounds exactly like Kyla Rae Kowalewski as Anais Waterson of The Amazing World of Gumball, maybe with a slight southern accent.
Dawn Patrol's voice is Charlyne Yi as a combination of her characters Ruby from Steven Universe and Chloe Parks from We Bare Bears.
Fairy Floss and Patty Cakes, although fraternal twins, sound nearly the same. Patty's voice is obvious shier, but they both sound exactly like Lauren Tom as Kuki Sanban (Numbuh 3) from Codename: Kids Next Door - KND.
Holly Wood sounds exactly like Jessica Diccico as .GIFfany from Gravity Falls.

That's all I got so far- any more ideas?
Hellooo my lovelies!

I have a skype that I've neglected for quite a bit. Add me!
I'd like to maybe do some art trades with more artists or just discuss style (or actually anything!) with some of my friends and watchers.

Not only is it a good way to connect with some people, but it's a good way to discuss commission prices and stuff and shoot art my way or yours

My skype is arcaderson, a combination of my old online name and my last name. Add me! <3
Just to clarify, I'm not sure if everyone is on this
It's late.

Everyone on this list, even if they haven't been mentioned, has been designed. Both physically and personality wise. Tomorrow I will post something that I need to color with Adler, finishing the unfailing of the final main group.

All of these characters are insanely personal to me, and took a long time to make. I didn't continue making my Next Generation because I "wanted one". I continued it because I want to have my own little universe with my own little characters so I could establish growth in simple characters.

Heh, getting stupid deep
Let's just move on

However, here is how is it organized:
Top Row - Mane 7
Second Row - CMC
Third Row - Royalty
Fourth Row - Other supporting characters
Fifth row - extended friends (not too too prevalent in the universe)

Maia Sparkle and Archer
-Elder daughter and youngest son of Cpt. Flash Sentry and Princess Twilight Sparkle

Cirrus Storm and Dawn Patrol
-Elder son and younger daughter of co- Flying Cpt.s Dumbell and Rainbow Dash

Rosary "Rosie" Christine Pie, Patty Cakes and Fairy Floss
-Elder daughter and younger twin daughters of Pinkie Pie and Pokey Pierce

-Only son of Fluttershy and Bulk Biceps

Sapphire Snow Dust
or just Sapphire Dust
-Only daughter of Rarity and Double Diamond

Red Autumn Delicious and Anna "Sugarcube" May
-Elder daughter and younger daughter of Applejack and Caramel

Flare Beam
-Only son of Starlight Glimmer and Sunburst


-Only daughter of Scootaloo and Rumble

-Only daughter of Sweetie Belle and Button Mash

-Only daughter of Apple Bloom and Spike


Eclipsed Moon
-Only son of Princess Luna and Esther (deceased)

-Only daughter of Princess Celestia and Discord

Flurry Heart and Lance Heart
-Elder daughter and younger son of Prince Shining Armor and Princess Cadence

-Batpony knight in training, parents deceased
Possibly related to Eclipsed, no way of finding out


Gwen Marvel
-Only daughter of Moondancer and Comet Tail

Thunder Belle
-Only daughter of Thunderlane and Lightning Dust

-Only son of Trixie Lulamoon and Unknown Unicorn

Honey Bea
- Only daughter of Cheerilee and Big Macintosh

-Only daughter of Concerto and Octavia

Harmony Rise
-Only daughter of Sunset Shimmer (human)

-Only Daughter of Cheese Sandwich and Coco Pommel

Shutter Shade
-Only son of Vinyl Scratch and Neon Lights
Guess who doesn't wanna take finals!
Ah don't

I have a Chinese final FIRST THING IN THE MORNING TOMORROW and I can speak it very well but I can't WRITE ITTT AND IDK WHAT/HOE TO REVIEW


I can't input this cause I'm on my phone, but I'm listening to Up All Night by blink because I'm edgy af

I'm on my phone but I'm listening to Finals by Clarity83
1. Post 8 facts about your character
2. Tag 8 other characters
3. Tag their names along with the 'creator's avatars

Tagged by Silent-Galaxies, the bab

1. Cirrus speaks Mandarin, non-fluently. He knows enough to hold up a breif conversation.
This is because his grandmother Sapphire Weight (Dumbell's mom) is chinese, and she spent a lot of time with him as a colt. She is from northern Chineigh (get it?) and it's her first language.
His father also speaks it, but is fluent.

2. He has a scar on his neck just above his left shoulder that Red Delicious gave him.
The two were little kids when Red fell out of a tree, and she held onto a branch that broke. The branch and Red came down on Cirrus, and the branch cut his neck. Red's aunt Fluttershy found them and patched them up, so he was safe, and had quite the battle wound to show off to his friends.
Red on the other hand couldn't tell the story, because she knocked a tooth out and was too embarrassed to open her mouth.

3. Cirrus was born feeble and premature.
Dumbell was in Manehatten for a race for the two's flying team, the Dogfighters, so Rainbow Dash was alone when she suddenly went into labor. She freaked out and was unable to go anywhere, and it definitely didn't help they lived on a cloud in the middle of the nowhere.
However, by chance, Pinkie came to check on Rainbow, who couldn't answer the door, but Pinkie heard a scream and bust the door in.
Cirrus was a very feeble baby, but developed into a strong colt and then into a stronger and taller stallion.
Dumbell immediately came home and they took a flying leave.

4. Cirrus' first kiss was his childhood friend Red Delicious.
The two were and still are very close friends, so coming into teenage years it made sense that she would develop a crush on him. She was stubborn in that she wouldn't admit it and lied a lot to avoid it.
But she once turned into him and accidentally kissed him for about 2 seconds. He teased her about it and she immediately lost the crush.

5. He has many little things he does when under stress.
        - He pulls at his wings and mane
        - He stutters and clears his throat more often
        - He talks a lot less and sighs a lot more
        - Specifically when lying, he makes unusual eye contact to keep from seeming like he's lying which seems obvious
        - When he talks, his voice sounds deeper

6. His little sister Dawn Patrol cannot fly while he can. Because of this, he teaches his sister to fly and she makes him fly her to places like the beach and school. She loves him very much and shows his in hugs, pretty shells, and waking him up early in the morning to go surfing.

7. Despite living in warm, southern Equestria, Cirrus coat, especially around his chest and neck can become very fluffy and thicc. This comes from Rainbow Dash's mom's genes.
(heh, mom jeans)

8. Cirrus is very self conscience when it comes to dating, especially if a mare doesn't like him back. He becomes very self critical and blames himself for everything the mare doesn't see in him. He blames himself for being so self centered and cocky which although he can be, is not that bad in him.
If the mare is interested in someone else, he will think of them together and see how perfect they could be, no matter how exaggerated it might be. If he liked Celestia and Celestia liked Apple Bloom, it wouldn't matter. He would still hate himself and imagine them together.
It's very emotionally baring.

And them's the facts!

tag everyone
But especially!:

TheLondonJamJar Eci or Ruff

Aubtnations Swift Mystery

Little-Tweenframes Peekaboo

h0mi3 Zamir

I know some of you have been tagged/are on a hiatus at the moment, so it's fine I'm not going to ask "so when are you gonna post the tag?"
have a safe night
Debating whether to friggin change Maia's design again or leave it the way it is

I'll decide in the morning, I should doodle her more to get use to it
I the meantime I hope you liked today's Rosie and Eci spam! I wanted to explore their personalities and characteristics along with their relationship

Rosie is more level headed then her mother, but can become irrational quickly. When she gets flustered or irrational usually it's brought upon herself, because she can also be oblivious

Eci is the grumpy, innovative introvert that doesn't like affection that much but wants it from Rosie 24/7. He's not good with others but can calmly hold a conversation with her.
He's not only interested in the astrology and science of the world, but also the ponies of it. So it makes sense that he's fallen for a very emotive girl
Again thanks to TheLondonJamJar for existing and being okay with me tagging her in everything

My laptop isn't connecting o the Internet
But I'm still drawing <3
Devious Journal Entry by Clarity83
I wanna core membership in short, so for a bit I'll be doing commissions!

Full Body, one character - 15 Points Points
(Two Characters - 20)

Family Portrait/Group Picture - 35 Points Points
I'm a freshman in a public high school that's doing a dance marathon, to donate money to the Bostons Children's Hospital.
There are a lot of people who have signed up, including me, and we hope to raise as much money as possible!

I've set myself a goal of 50 dollars, which is relatively simple. On the first day, a girl in my grade named Ali raised like, 200. You go, Ali.
I wanna do commissions to raise the money, but to be completely honest I dunno how commissions work lel, and I don't know how many people would be interested.

It's for a good cause!

So, I'm first gonna find out how they work, and then here are my prices:

Simple Sketch:
  • Bust only - $1
  • Full Body - $2
  • Additional Characters - +$1
Sketch by Clarity83

Black Outlining:
  • Black and White - $3
  • Simple Color - $3 (No Additional Cost)
  • Additional Characters - +$2
Black And White by Clarity83

  • Black Outlining Bust - $2
(Eyes filled: No Additional Cost)

Colored Outlining (Done):
  • Full Body - $5
  • Bust - $4
  • Character Reference - $5 (Both Bust and Full Body)
  • Additional Characters - +$4

Commission Full Color by Clarity83

(Cutie Mark: No Additional Cost)

Posed Characters:
  • One Character - $5
  • Additional Characters - $6
  • With Cutie Mark - No Additional Cost
Posed by Clarity83
  • Only Bust (Facial Expressions) - $4
Headshot Expression by Clarity83

Pixel Icons: (Single Lined)
  • Regular, Canon Character: $2               +Cutie Mark (No Additional Cost)
  • Regular, Original Character: $3            +Cutie Mark (Really Depend on the Cutie Mark, Probably No Additional)
Pixel by Clarity83

it took me forever to write all that…


Heads up for people - don't comment like this guy.
Very passive aggressive in it, and she wasn't forced into anything in the first place.
This isn't criticism, it's just straight up insulting my headcanon

By the way, it's headcanon*
Not headcannon
Is it just me or is this season about identity and cutie marks?
Just sayin
A year ago today, someone that meant a lot, died.

She was 13.

Everything about her describes the people I love, because the people I love, love her.

Sometimes, you want to know the answer to something you know you'd hate.
Is a disease I have contracted.
But I thought it would be interesting to compare my Next Gen. Shippings, to my real ships!

-Spiiiiike <3
Why it isn't in my next gen: ...Admittedly cause I already made Sapphire and I think Sapphire's pretty. Scrapping characters is Sad  D:

Rainbow Dash:
-Dumbbell (I'd love to see that couple- snarky and playfully fighting and their pallet's together make really, REALLY good ships! I mean, cough, Lopoddity and dbkit.)
Why it isn't in my next gen: Cause when I first made Cirrus, I really liked him and wanted to keep him, but I didn't wanna say that Soarin and Rainbow divorced and then she got with Dumbbell, cause if Soarin and Rainbow were married, I don't really see them splitting oops
-Soarin (I love the way they interact, and if I don't ship them I friendship them)
-Applejack (Because this comic)
Why is isn't in my next: Alas, I found out I ship them too late

-Big Mac (Pallets, and the thought of them as a couple is SO CUTE AND BEAUTIFUL)
Why it isn't in my nest gen: I thought FlutterMac was too cliche. Also, Cheerimac.
-Thunderlane (because Fanfics and I think them being together is CUTE!)

-Comet Tail (the original ship.)
Why it isn't in my next gen: I changed my mind, and FlashLight made more sense and I made a headcanon for that and blah blah blah I changed my mind
-Flash Sentry
-Discord (Because Harmony and Discord together is beautiful~)
Why it isn't in my next gen: hell I dunno
Pinkie Pie:
-Pokey Pierce (Cause it's cute, and he's a background pony so I can play with personalities more)

-Cheese Sandwich (I can see them at their own wedding, and they would have cute kids!~)
Why it isn't in my next gen: Mostly because their personalities are too similar- with Next gens it would be exactly the same or the opposite

-Caramel (Cause comics and personality playing and cuteness!~)
-Rainbow Dash
Why it isn't in my next gen: See Rainbow Dash.
-Soarin (Cause it's cute)
Why it isn't my next gen: Not cute enough I suppose

+SombraLestia a next gen I made, who I've never ever been satisfied with the design of.

I know I've changed it entirely, slightly, and shamelessly, but that's because this-
I was dumb enough to release all of the characters I've ever made without being satisfied in their design. I even admitted that she was under construction from the first post I put her in. The reason is Flutterlane was my crack ship, which I made canon in my lil' universe for god knows why.
BUT, let's be honest, they are not good colors to mix with to make a bb. Their son's coat is a very dark version of Fluttershy's coat, and their daughters is a lighter version. Their son looks like a LightningLane kid, and their daughter is suuuper different from what I initially made

I am going to change her design, ONE

I will not change the design for Rosie, Cirrus, Red, Sapphire or Maia- only Callie.
Ugh- I'm sorry for all that care
I was playing around with a few ideas - 

Pokey Pierce - Bayonet/Push Pin
Thunderlane - Hurricane Alley
Bulk Biceps - Brawny Biceps/Pump Peck
Starry Eyes - Dreamy
Flash Sentry- Navy Blaze