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Locks by Clarity83 Locks by Clarity83
old drawing, haven't been drawing ponies that often
I really can't write dialogue rn for the life of me.

so prompt: Adler shuts himself away for a while and lets his hair grow out to cover his face. When he comes back everyone low key hates it but they're all like "you look swell!"
One morning he finally decides to let Red cut it. Red's great at cutting hair- she's had to cut Bonnie and Sugarcube's hair their whole lives so she's experienced.
He makes her swear not to laugh at him and she promises, and discovers while cutting his hair that he has a cut running through one of his eyebrows. She says a remark like "Shit hun, that's gonna leave a scar" and figures out that's reason he's left his hair to cover his eyes.
he tells Red that he's finally decided to get it cut because Maia's coming home from Canterlot and he'd rather have a scratch than look like a lady.

When Maia comes home she panics a little upond seeing Adler and he's immediately ashamed. Red steps in and says something like
"Oh Adler's new mark? T'ain't nothing, y'all should've seen what he did to the timberwolf that gave him that little papercut!"

Maia is amazed and totally fawns over Adler and his new battle scar.
M: R-Really Adler? I-I didn't think you were so brave...! *blushing*

R: This guy?! Forget about it, those timberwolves were cowering at the sight of him!

M: Wow, th-that's awesome! Remind me call him whenever in a bind, haha!

R: If Adler can save my sorry ass, he can save a beautiful damsel like yourself. Right Ad?

A: Heh, uh, totally.

Adler is happy, Red is ultimate wingmare.

But he never does explain where he got the cut
probably just from something dumb like a chucken jumped at his face and scratched him bad
if a timberwolf ever got to Adler, they wouldn't even have the CHANCE to give him a scratch. Chickens are fucking brutal
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December 2, 2016
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