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Lil Kahuna by Clarity83 Lil Kahuna by Clarity83
told you
her mane was bothering me, so I went for a more sunset theme
same everything else, personality a little more different

EDIT: just fixed a few things that were bothering me, notably Luau's snout was really big
also gave her a lil make up- Luau rarely wears makeup but sometimes will wear some for work
Dawn sits alone on the shore of the little beach town not too far away from Ponyville (the one place she can go surf). She's spent the whole day surfing, and her brother is really late to pick her up. It's after the sunset and it's quite dark on the shore, until she spots a little party going on.

Dawn: ugh, where is that butt. He's so late!
*hears cheers* Huh? *turns to see a luau*
Oooo *begins to trot over, leaving her surfboard on the sand*

*She gets over and is really unnoticed, until she sees a little bar, filled and lit with torches*
*sits down at it, trying to climb over it to steal food from the other side*

Luau: Aye! No stealin'! *smirks and sits her back down*

Dawn: O-Oh! I'm sorry
My brother's late, I haven't eaten all day...

Luau: Whooa, hey! You're the lil' surfer that's been riding all day!
You're pretty good for a squirt! *plays with hair*

Dawn: Haha, thanks!

Luau: Hey Artie! Get some hay fries over here for my lil' Kahuna!

*A big stallion walks over after a moment and puts a plate of fries onto the bar, placing a flower in Dawn's mane*

Dawn: Wow, thank you! *wide eyed, begins stuffing face*

Luau: Heh, no prob lil' dude! *smiles*
I'm Luau. What'syer name?

Dawn: *between chews*
Dawn Patrol!

Luau: You're cool- promise we'll surf sometime, kay?

Dawn: *smiles and eagerly nods*

Cirrus: Oh, sorry, 'scuse me
Dawn! There you are! C'mon *sits in stool next to her*

Dawn: You butthead! *hugs him*

Cirrus: *messes mane*
Sorry, me and Adler were doing some stuff for Red's mom
*sees Luau* Hey~

Dawn: Oh my god

Luau: *giggles* Hey. You are?

Cirrus: Cirrus, Cirrus Storm.

Luau: Lil' Kahuna's big brother?

Cirrus: *smirks down at Dawn who's looking up skeptically at him*
I guess that's me.

Luau: Well can I get you anything?
On the house for little bro's bro *gestures to Dawn*

Cirrus: I guess I can stay for a drink~

Dawn: No, you can't
*grabs his wing and pulls him away* Bad dog
We gotta go home

Luau: Where do you guys live?

Dawn: Ponyville!

Cirrus: It's a little farming town

Luau: Oh yeah, my parents got friend there! I hang there all the time
*looks at the tired Dawn* But you should take your sister home. *smiles at Cirrus*

Cirrus: Heh, yeah
Drink some other time?

Luau: sure thing~

Dawn: Cirruuuuuss stop being grooossssss

Like said before, Luau is the bartending and party planning daughter to Coco Pommel and Cheese Sandwich
Her parents live in Manehatten but she lives on her own in a little beach town near Ponyville called Kalaeloa, where she bartends in the homey, tightknight beach town but she frequents Ponyville, and loves the cupcakes from Sugarcube corner
She's really chill and is a party animal when she's bartending (loud and talks to everyone, even if they aren't at the bar), but doesn't like attending them, she feels insecure and unsafe

She's also a great surfer, is in charge of blasting off fireworks every Friday night from the shore, and has a soft spot for Boba tea and sharks
Luau, a bit unrelated, has a shark friend that lives in a habitat that she found him as an injured lil shark pup

his name is Doby (pronounced Dough-Bee) and he doesn't have a dorsal fin
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